Philips 43" Lietimui jautrus ekranas 43BDL4051T/00


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Atrask naują interakcijos lygį naudojantį Android jėgą. 43" Android Multi-touch Nepakeičiami tikro Multi-Touch įspūdžiai A brand new level of interactivity is now available thanks to integrated touch technology. More flexibility and optimum simultaneous touch performance coupled...

Atrask naują interakcijos lygį naudojantį Android jėgą.

Nepakeičiami tikro Multi-Touch įspūdžiai

Experience amazing interactivity with true Multi-Touch

A brand new level of interactivity is now available thanks to integrated touch technology. More flexibility and optimum simultaneous touch performance coupled with excellent operability opportunities give you the ultimate in user interaction. Multi-Touch displays are equipped with automatic touch recognition. The USB connector is HID-compliant, providing true plug-and-play operation.

Palaikyk savo medžiagą su FailOver

Keep your content up and running with FailOver

Keeping your content up and running is critical for demanding commercial applications. While it is unlikely you will face a content disaster, FailOver provides content protection with a revolutionary technology that plays back-up content on screen in the event of a media player failure. FailOver automatically kicks in when the primary input fails. Simply select a primary input connection and a FailOver connection and you're ready for instant protection.

Išsaugok ir paleisk naudojant vidinę atmintimi.

Save and play content with internal memory

Save and play content with internal memory. Upload your media into the display and playback content immediately. Working in conjunction with the internal browser, it also serves as a memory cache when streaming online content. If the network ever fails, the internal memory keeps content running by playing a cached version of the content, ensuring that your media stays up even if the network goes down.

CMND: Kontroliuok atvaizdavimą.

CMND: Take control of your displays

A robust display management platform, CMND puts the power back into your hands. Update and manage content with CMND & Create or control your settings with CMND & Control. It's all possible with CMND.

Anti-glare stiklas

With this integrated touch display, the anti-glare glass with low optical parallax allows for the most immersive touch experience. With little to no glare and low reflection on the display, images are crystal clear with pure colour and great clarity.

Android: Paleisk savo aplikaciją ar išsirink iš esamų.

With Android OS integrated into the display, you can work with the most developed OS on the planet and save your own app directly into the display. Or, choose from the large library of Android apps and play content from there. With the built-in scheduler, you can daypart your apps and content based on your customer and time of day and with the auto-orientation feature, showing content in portrait or landscape is as simple as turning the display.

Pagerink prisijungimą su mPCIe jungtimi.

With an integrated PCI slot, you can connect a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G LTE module, allowing for even greater communication with the display. Machine-to-machine communication is also enhanced, with numerous configurations available for customers to use, such as the ability to expand product features or signal-handling capability.

Užtikrink kad tavo medžiaga matoma su automatine paveikslėlių funkcija.

Content is king, and with the automatic screenshot feature, you can make sure that your content is up and running at all times. Screenshots are taken throughout the day, which are then stored in the FTP server. From there, the screenshots can be viewed no matter when, or where you are.

    • Dydis ištrižai: 108.0  cm
    • Rezoliucija: 1920 x 1080p
    • Šviesumas: 450  cd/m²
    • Kontrastas: 1100:1
    • Aspect ratio: 16:9
    • Atsako laikas: 12  ms
    • Pixelio dydis: 0.49 x 0.49 mm
    • Spalvos: 16.7 million
    • Matymo kampai: 178  laipsniai
    • 3/2 - 2/2 motion pull down
    • 3D Combfilter
    • Motion compens. deinterlacing
    • Progressive scan
    • 3D MA deinterlacing
    • Dynamic contrast enhancement