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Stunning Profile Today's TVs are sleek and beautiful. Heckler TV Stand is designed to show it off. We carefully considered the visual weight and proportion of every element of Heckler TV Stand to be fitting...

Stunning Profile

Today's TVs are sleek and beautiful. Heckler TV Stand is designed to show it off. We carefully considered the visual weight and proportion of every element of Heckler TV Stand to be fitting for today's impressive displays. Furthermore, our design physically centers the TV from from-to-back, making it safe and stable to position anywhere in the room. Say goodbye to evenings spent facing a wall.

And though we designed it to be aesthetically pleasing for home use, it's built with more quality and strength than any commercial TV stand available. Hand welded. Heavy steel. Made in USA.


Good-Looking Backside

You no longer have to hide the backside of your TV against the wall. Many of the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs look great from all angles. With Heckler TV Stand, you can place your TV in the middle of the room.

Heckler TV Stand's patent-pending TV-mounting system completely rethinks traditional TV mounts. Gone is the unsightly mess of cheaply-made, thin, stamped steel that should never see the light of day. In its place, we've created an elegant vertical arm system that works with virtually all VESA-compatible televisions. You'll love showing it off.

Heckler TV Stand is compatible with all common VESA hole patterns including 400x400, 600x400, 500x300, 200x200 and so on. Please check your TV specifications for VESA compatibility. Feel free to chat with us to verify your TV's compatibility.


Built For Big Screens

You don't have to compromise screen size in pursuit of a sleek AV experience. Heckler TV Stand is designed for 55, 65, and 75-inch flat panel TVs. Recommended max display weight: 100 pounds.


Height Adjustable

Designed for sofa viewing, Heckler TV Stand holds your TV at the perfect height for binge-watching. If you'd like your TV a few inches higher or lower, simply install the TV a few holes higher or lower on the vertical arms.

Shown with a 65-inch TV.


Painless & Simple Assembly

We've designed the frustration out of AV furniture assembly. No flat-pack, laminate wood BS here. Heckler TV Stand's base comes fully assembled - it's a heavy steel, seamlessly welded sculpture. Simply unbox the base and set it on your floor. Next, attach our patent-pending vertical arms to your TV (hardware included), then lower the arms onto the base.


Safe & Secure

To complete the assembly, pop in the safety pins and tighten two set screws (tool included). The result is an incredibly rigid structure with a low center of gravity and a broad, strong, stable base.



You may not need to nest a dozen 65-inch 4K TVs into a small storage space - but if you do, Heckler TV Stand has you covered. Each nested TV occupies only four additional inches of floor space. Great for commercial implementations like conference centers and television retailers.


Clean Cable Management

Thankfully, cord-cutting, streaming sticks, and Smart TVs have reduced the cable madness connected to our TVs. The remaining HDMI cables and power cord can be cleanly routed through the center of Heckler TV Stand's vertical arms with the aid of our integrated cable straps.


Commercial Digital Signage Simplified

Placing a large-scale digital display in your business need not be a $10,000 expense. Heckler TV Stand allows you to deploy a 55-inch professional display in portrait orientation to create a striking mid-floor information display with simplicity and style for a fraction of the price.


Optional Component Shelf

Support small components like AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, XBox, XBox Kinect, PlayStation, and Mac mini with style. Sold separately positions your favorite components under your TV and quickly routes their cables out of sight to a secure, hidden compartment.

Even better, the compartment supports a Tripp power strip, allowing you to bring all of your favorite modern AV gear together cleanly with only one power cord in sight.


Optional Soundbar Kit 

We love a good soundbar. Sold separately supports almost all popular soundbars up to 45 inches wide. You can mount your soundbar at the ideal height under your TV. Your soundbar's power and S/PDIF optical cable routes cleanly down Heckler TV Stand's vertical arms.


No Scratch Feet

Out of the box, Heckler TV Stand features soft felt foot pads so you can reposition your TV without worrying about scratching your floors.


Optional Rolling Kits

Need more mobility from your Heckler TV Stand? (Sold separately) allows you to roll your TV away from the wall into your living room, back patio and more. If you have your own solution in mind, you can attach any sliding leveling feet, indoor casters, and outdoor casters with a 10mm stem.


Outer Dimensions

Width: 38 inches

Depth: 21.5 inches

Height: 46.5 inches

Weight 35 lbs
Materials Powder Coated Steel
Compatible Devices

TVs with VESA 400 or larger mounting pattern, up to 100 pounds