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BrightSign LS424 Standard I/O Player


The small form, commercial-grade BrightSign LS424 is fully featured to run circles around the competition while offering easy port access and power efficiency. Network connected and featuring H.265 1080p60 video playback, entry-level HTML5 support and USB interactivity, this model is perfect for simple streaming applications and large deployments ofcommon content....

BrightSign HD224 Standard I/O Player


Product Applications 4K CORPORATE LOBBY INFORMATION KIOSKS Deliver relevant and timely messages to your corporate audience using mainstream 4K video, touch interactivity and simultaneous content playback from local, networked and streaming sources. EYE-CATCHING VIDEOWALLS Capture attention with frame-accurate synchronization across a multitude of screens to set the stage for some serious retail therapy - now in true 4Kresolution....

BrightSign HD1024 Expanded I/O Player


Product Applications 4K INTERACTIVE museum exhibits Advanced interactive exhibits engage all audiences using serial and USB for viewer interaction with buttons, touch screens, motion sensors, switches, light sensors and more. retail displays Make the sale with 4K or Full HD video playback and digital audio to set the stage for some serious retail therapy. Features:...

BrightSign XD234 Standard I/O Player


Offers video decoding of one 4Kp60 video or two Full HD videos simultaneously and supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG content. It includes the standard I/O package of Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, IR, analog/digital audio, and an M.2 SSD PCIe interface. Product Applications high-resolution video & images Almost as good as...

BrightSign XD1034 Expanded I/O Player


Includes all the features of BrightSign XD234 plus additional interactive options with the added serial and dual USB 2.0 (type A and C) ports for engaging interactive displays. Product Applications Advanced html & interactive Play advanced HTML5 content with swipe/pinch/zoom interactive controls, streaming social media & multiple modular HTML5 assets...

BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player


Includes all the features BrightSign XT244 offers plus serial, dual USB (type A and C) and Live TV playback via the HDMI 2.0a input to play content from any broadcast channel – even protected HDCP content. Product Applications corporate mass rollouts The XT1144 has the video and graphics processing chops...

BrightSign HD-OPS HO523, Full HD, mainstream HTML5 player for OPS slot player


Part of the Series 3 product family, the HD-OPS is BrightSign’s first OPS compatible digital signage media player.The inside edge features a JAE TX25 plug for connecting to interior display components (video, USB, serial, etc.) The outside edge has industry-standard connectors, as well as specialized device control and feedback interfaces....

Brightsign Series 3 WiFi/Bluetooth Modulis


Implements wireless and Bluetooth functions as an embedded module installed inside all BrightSign Series 3 and Series 4 players. It has an M.2 interface connection, supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocols and has a single antenna.