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Altumas Nu Digital stand - 43" - 65"

nuo €2,549.00

This lightweight and sleek design free-standing kiosk enclosure is a versatile system for indoor digital signage or an interactive kiosk solution for any public indoor places; it can be delivered in different custom options – with an elegant glass facade that can be painted and branded, or with a plain...

LG 88BH7G ultrawide streched monitor - 88"


Key Feature Brightness(Typ.) : 700 cd/m² Aspect Ratio: 32:9 Bezel: 4.4 mm(L/R), 5.9 mm(T/B) Depth: 84.8 mm Interface: HDMI (3), DP, USB(2), Audio, DVI-D, RS232C, RJ45, IR     Ultra Stretch Signage, 32:9 Space-Fitting Wide Screen The 88BH7G is a suitable display for delivering new forms of advertising and multiplexed...

Samsung double sided display - 46" - 55"

nuo €3,999.00

Features Present bright content on a dual-display The OMN-D Series features a double-sided screen, with each side adjusted for the environments in which it is utilized. The window-facing side’s 3000nit brightness helps maintain picture integrity regardless of sunlight, while the in-store side features 1000nit, delivering information clearly.   Modernize space...

Altumas Smart A-Board - 43"


Berėmis 43 colių „Samsung“ profesionalus ekranas su WIFI ir nuotolinio valdymo galimybe Idealiai tinka parodų salėms, svetingumo renginiams ir visiems kitiems renginiams Plonas dizainas Patvarus Ratai palengvina transportavimą USB turinio valdymas   Supakavimo aukštis (mm) 115 Supakavimo plotis (mm) 1390 Supakavimo gylis (mm) 695 Ilgis (mm) 426 Plotis (mm) 560 Aukštis (mm) 1238 | 1235 Santrauka (mm) 560...

Zygnage - Real LCD Poster 26.5“ mini HDMI input, WIFI


Zygnage Digital Canvas 26.5" HDMI, WIFI, BT4.0, RS232C, 1920x1920px, 450 cd/m2, 1000:1, NTSC 92%, 24/7, 3.2 Kg., 58W Data Sheet   Upload Own Content Remotely   It's dead-easy to upload your own   content to the BlueCanvas display. By   using the integrated WiFi module, the   screen can be managed remotely   through your...

Zygnage - Real LCD Poster 26.5“ Android


Only 13,99 mm thin. Viewing-angle free - a perfect image quality from every perspective. Very high and realistic image quality due to the resolution of 1920x1920px. Integrated Android Player | Viewing Angle Free | Square-Type Display. Upload Own Content Remotely, Easy To Integrate, the Perfect Visual AppearanceZygnage Digital Canvas 26.5"...

LG 86BH5F ultrawide streched monitor - 86"


Key Feature Brightness(Typ.) : 500 cd/m² Aspect Ratio: 58:9 Bezel: 4.4 mm(L/R), 5.9 mm(T/B) Depth: 81.7mm Interface: HDMI (3), DP, USB(2), Audio, DVI-D, RS232C, RJ45, IR     58:9 Space-Fitting Wide Screen The 86BH5F is the most suitable display for delivering new forms of advertising and multiplexed information in a...