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TV stovas universalus tvirtas trikojis, 45"-65" ekranui


Suderinami televizoriai (ekrano įstrižainė) 45-65 coliųLeidžiamas apkrovimas 35 kgAprašymas • Atitinka VESA standartus: 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x400 • Tinka dideliems nuo 45" iki 65" plokštiems TV, iki 35 kg • Pasukamas ±180° • Tvirta plieno ir medžio konstrukcija • Puikiai tinka konferencijų ir mokymų salėms, taip pat...

Mobilus TV stovas 37''-70'' VESA, pivot


Televizoriaus aksesuaro rūšis Stovas su ratukaisSuderinami televizoriai (ekrano įstrižainė) 37-70 coliųLeidžiamas apkrovimas 40 kgAprašymas • Tinka televizoriams su VESA tvirtinimu: 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x200, 600x400, 700x400, 800x400 • Tinka plokščiaekraniams TV 37" - 70", iki 40 kg • 90 laipsnių pasukimo galimybė • Ratukai patogiam transportavimuiSpalva JuodaKita informacijaPlotis 835 mmAukštis...

TV grindų stovas 32''- 70'' 50kg VESA, reguliuojamas


Suderinami televizoriai (ekrano įstrižainė) 32-70 colių Leidžiamas apkrovimas 50 kg Aprašymas  •  Tinka televizoriams su VESA tvirtinimu: 100x100, 200x100, 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x200, 600x400  •  Skirtas vienam 32"- 70" plokščiaekraniam TV iki 50 kg  •  TV laikiklis su reguliuojamu pasvirimu -10 / + 5° ir pasukimu iki 120°  •  Tvirtas 500x460...

Samsung stand for SAMSUNG OH55D outdoor screen


Simplify outdoor signage installation with a thin and easy-to-install enclosure   General Info Installation orientation:  Portrait Dimension (mm) Set  730.8 x 1948.6 x 600  Package  1425 x 870 x 501 Weight (kg) Set  51.4kg  Package 64kg  Minimum depth(mm) 131mm  Recommended Usage 1xN

Mobilus stovas su lentynėle dviems TV, 40"-65"


Dual TV-Cart for screens up to 70" shelf for DVD players, Notebooks,max load 128kg Wheelbase, VESA max 800x500 Vivolink is a manufacturer who focuses on equipment for the professional AV installation market, with among other things. A large selection of picture and sound cables, as well as adapters for custom...

TV stand height adjustable with shelf - 70V


Telescopic Height Adjustable TV Cart For most 37"-70" LED/LCD Flat Panel TVs This TV cart with stylish, technical and functional design to provide solid presentation solution for most 37''-70'' LED, LCD flat panel TVs up to 50kg/110lbs. Its flat panel TV brackets vertically allow effortless height adjustment of max. height...

Tablet / TV stand with Circular Base for LCD / LED 13-27"


• To monitor port column display, ideal for the display with a showcase of digital TV, video, computer and digital picture frames• Also perfect for exhibition stands, meeting rooms, media rooms, waiting rooms, railway stations, airports and shopping centers• Support for LED / LCD 13 "-27" (VESA standard maximum supported:...

M Display Stand 180 Single Black w. Floorbase


Multibrackets M Display Stand 180 Single - Stand for LCD / LED panel - aluminum, steel - black - screen size: 24" - 63" - VESA: 200x200 to 700x400 mm - floor-standing Multibrackets M Display Stand 180 Single - Stand for LCD / LED panel - aluminum, steel - black - screen...

Mobilus stovas Digitus dviems TV, 37''-65''


Dual TV-Cart for screens up to 70" shelf for DVD players, Notebooks,max load 128kg Wheelbase, VESA max 800x500 For flexible presentations in a meetingroom or education use Mount two TV screens with up to 65" side by side With lower shelf for DVD Players or Laptops With weehlbase for flexible...

Mobilus stovas NewStar dviems TV, 42''-70''


Monitoriaus tvirtinimo būdas Laisvai pastatoma Paskirtis Televizorių laikiklis Leidžiamas apkrovimas 125 kg Standartinis monitoriaus tvirtinimo būdas  •  VESA 200x200  •  VESA 800x600 Spalva Juoda Papildoma informacija  •  Ekrano dydis: 42 - 70"  •  Ekranai: 2  •  Pakrypimas: 20°

Mobilus stovas dviems TV, 32''-70''


Televizoriaus aksesuaro rūšis Stovas su ratukais Suderinami televizoriai (ekrano įstrižainė) 32-70 colių Leidžiamas apkrovimas 128 kg Aprašymas  •  Tinka VESA standarto televizoriui nuo 100x100 iki 800x500 max  •  Skirtas dviems dideliems plokštiems televizoriams nuo 32” iki 70”, o bendras svoris - iki 128 kg  •  Ratukai patogiam transportavimui  •  Įrengtas AV komponentų lentyna  •  Idealiai...

Vogel's F1844B TV stovas


Floor Stand kit F1844 Display size: <65” Fitment: 400x400 Max load: 80 kg / 176 lbs Kit consists of: • 1x PFF 7020 Floor plate • 1x PUC 2718 Pole 180 cm • 1x PFB 3405 Interface bar • 1x PFS 3304 Interface display strip   Awards and certificates  ...

Newstar PLASMA M1700 TV stovas, 1800mm, 32''-55'' ekranui


The NewStar floor stand, model PLASMA-M1700ES is a floor stand for flat screens up to 55?. This stand is a great choice for space saving placement or when wall-, ceiling mounting or desk placement is not an option. This stand stretches your investment by serving a variety of projection needs...

SMS FM ST stovas, 1800mm, 32''-65'' ekranui


The SMS Flatscreen FM ST is a neat, clean floor stand that stands on stable feet. It is a sturdy carrier of screens up to 30 kg and can carry up to two screens on the same pillar. The SMS Flatscreen FM ST can also feature practical and attractive shelving...

Juodas grindų TV stovas, 32''-55'' ekranui


• Floor Stand for mounting LCD / Plasma screens• Supports Plasma/LCD/LED monitor 32-55”• VESA supported: 600x400 max• Maximum supported weight: 40 kg• Integrated cable management for a clean and professional installation • Solid rectangular base (470x300 mm)• Total height: 1350 mm• Floor stand color: blackPackage Content• Bracket for TV• Column with...

Mobilus TV stovas su reguliuojamu aukščiu ir pasvirimu, 37"-70" ekranui


• Trolley LCD / LED / Plasma 37-70"• Base in tempered glass 10 mm wheels with brakes for maximum stability• Allows you to position the TV both horizontally and vertically• Support aluminum telescopic height adjustable from 1200 to 1800 mm• Internal cable management to keep cables tidy• Tempered glass shelf...

Išskirtinis TV stovas universalus tvirtas, 49"-70" ekranui


Suderinami televizoriai (ekrano įstrižainė) 49-70 colių Leidžiamas apkrovimas 40 kg Aprašymas  •  Atitinka VESA: 100x100, 200x100, 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x400  •  Skirtas dideliams TV ekranams nuo 49" iki 70", iki 40 kg  •  Tvirta plieno ir medžio konstrukcija  •  Puikiai tinka konferencijų ir mokymų salėms, taip pat ir namuose Spalva Juodai...

Vogel's Connect-it TV stovas


Neribotos ekranų montavimo galimybės. Vogel's Connect-it TV stovas naudoja modulinę ir multi funkcinę sistemą, kuri leidžia ekraną montuoti ant stovo skirtingais būdais! Ant šio stovo, ekranų kabinimo galimybės yra beribės, tad stovas gali būti naudojamas labai įvairioms situacijoms. Connect-it detalių dizainas yra labai paprastas, jas galima greitai sumontuoti ir saugiai...

NewStar flat screen floor stand motorized


Product information With the NewStar automatic height adjustable floor stand you place a large format flat screen on the floor. Get optimal positioning for both standing and seated audiences, in any application, in any part of your location. Perfect to use in a class room, boardroom, presentation room or public...

Peerless-AV Ceiling Window Display Mount for SAMSUNG OM46N-D and OM55N-D double-sided displays

nuo €705.00

Peerless-AV’s Floor and Ceiling Window Display Mounts are designed exclusively for Samsung OMN-D Series. This sleek, double-sided mount is the ideal solution to showcase eye-catching, digital signage content that can be seen from both inside and outside a store window. With a multitude of installer friendly features, including concealed cable...