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SAMSUNG LED MODULE - IE040R - Pixel Pitch 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 4


Features Captivate potential customers Samsung’s IER series LED displays deliver stunning picture quality at a cost-efficient price point. The displays feature easy installation and simple display management with ultimate flexibility in design through customizable screen sizes* * L-shape configuration displays will be available December 2019 Easier, cost-saving installation The IER...

Samsung aukštos raiškos ekranas vitrinoms OMD-W-Series-46"/55"

nuo €3,039.00

Outdoor OMD-W Series Deliver promotional messaging vividly with excellent visibility  Draw more visitors to your retail business by effectively delivering promotional messaging with excellent visibility. OMD Series SMART Signage features 2500-nit high brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio for superb visibility in various lighting environments. Even customers who are wearing polarised...

Samsung aukštos raiškos ekranas vitrinoms OMN-Series-46"/55"

nuo €2,809.00

Promote content in any storefront window Samsung’s OMN series was designed with a storefront window display in mind. It projects clear, bright images that attract and engage audiences, increasing the probability of an in-store visit. Foster brilliant presentation for all Featuring 4,000 nit brightness and a high contrast ratio of...

LG Aukštos Raiškos Ekranas Vitrinoms XS4F-Series-49"/55"

nuo €3,029.00

Outstanding Visibility with Extreme Brightness LG's XS series of window-facing digital signage captivates customers with their bright and vivid image quality. The XS series helps businesses enhance their brand image while making customers' shopping experience more enjoyable.   High Brightness With a great brightness of 4,000 cd/m², XS series clearly...

LG Aukštos Raiškos Ekranas Vitrinoms XS2E-Series-49"/55"/75"

nuo €2,419.00

Outstanding Visibility  High Brightness With a great brightness of 2,500 cd/m², XS series clearly delivers contents and attracts public attention, which is the ultimate display for outdoor visibility.   Visible with Polarized Sunglasses QWP(Quarter Wave Plate) enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.   Fan-less Design By...

SAMSUNG LED MODULE - IF040H - Pixel Pitch 2.5 / 4 / 6


Features Enliven Indoor LED Content Samsung’s IF-D Series LED displays deliver a consistent and colorful presentation in any indoor environment. Configurable for both audience captivation and unique environmental needs, the IF-D Series are easy to install and maintain, and drive audience engagement at minimal total cost of operation. Optimize Content...

Nexnovo XT3S permatomas skaitmeninis ekranas - 6000 Nits


LED DISPLAY Pixel Pitch: 3.33x6.66 mm;  SMD2020; NEX(H) LED Brightness: 5500-6000 nits  Display size: 640 mm(W) x 852 mm(H) Sending card box Novastar, asynchronous  Spare parts 2 pcs modules, LED strips, LED lamps (included) 1 set 200 200 $ Receiving card Novastar (included) Software LED studio (included) Fix struction Hanging...

Samsung double sided display - 46" - 55"

nuo €3,999.00

Features Present bright content on a dual-display The OMN-D Series features a double-sided screen, with each side adjusted for the environments in which it is utilized. The window-facing side’s 3000nit brightness helps maintain picture integrity regardless of sunlight, while the in-store side features 1000nit, delivering information clearly.   Modernize space...