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Universal Tablet Wall Mount VESA - Cling


For Any Tablet 7" - 13" - Tablet Security And Display Solutions It is designed to work with all iPad models with just one device, redesigned to fit a wider range of tablet sizes in the one bracket. Securing your tablet is a bracket clamp and VESA wall mount base....

Bouncepad VESA tablet stand

nuo €205.00

The Bouncepad VESA is a secure tablet kiosk that is compatible with industry standard 75mm and 100mm Vesa mount systems. The VESA can also be mounted to a wall, perfect for displaying content at eye level. This enclosure is compatible with iPad, Samsung and Microsoft tablets. See detailed tech specs...

Bouncepad WALLMOUNT tablet stand

nuo €240.00

The Bouncepad Wall Mount is a secure, low-profile wall mounted tablet kiosk, ergonomically designed for easy interaction. This wall mounted enclosure is compatible with iPad, Microsoft and Samsung tablets. See detailed tech specs below. Fixed at an angle of 60° to entice interaction Short mounting stalk keeps the tablet close...