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Hikvision Tripod turnstile DS-K3G411-R/EPg-Dm55 + face recognition sensor


Value Tripod Turnstile Bidirectional (Entering/Exiting) lane Lane width: 550mm Integrated EM scanner and face recognition sensor For inside use Description System MCBF>3 million times Interface Lock control2 Alarm input2 Alarm output2 Network interface1 RS-4856 (The interfaces can be switched to RS-232 via DIP switch) RS-232 6 interfaces can be switched...

Hikvision Tripod turnstile DS-K3G411-R/E-Dm55 + Integrated EM scanner


Value Tripod Turnstile Bidirectional (Entering/Exiting) lane Lane width: 550mm Integrated EM scanner For inside use TCP/IP network communication: The communication data is specially encrypted to relieve the concern of privacy leak Barrier open/closed, free accessing, forbidden mode are selectable Bidirectional (Entering/Exiting) lane Remote control and management LED indicates the entrance/exit...

Hikvision Swing barrier with temperature measurement


Access control & fever screening terminal solution 7-inch LCD touch screen,2 Mega pixel wide-angle lens Max.50,000 faces capacity; verification methods:Supporting fast temperature measurement and face recognition with fever screening Authentication distance: 0.3-2 m. Temperature range: 30-45℃, accuracy:±0.5℃; Supports 6 attendance status, including check in, check out, break in, break out,...

Mechaniniai praėjimo varteliai su elektroniniu sugavimu


Entrance gates with electromagnetic fasteners are used for controlling the entrance and exit of people. It can be used with access control systems opens in one direction only. The gate can be opened after receiving an electrical signal, after which it closes automatically. Powered by safety transformer with 6V secondary...

Mechaniniai praėjimo varteliai pasisukantys į abi puses


Thanks to the use of pendulum loops the gate can serve both for entry and for exit from the premises. Made of steel with chrome-nickel plating. Gate can apply only in enclosed spaces. The gate is attached to the floor with three bolts 8 x 120 and expansion dowels 12...

Mechaniniai praėjimo varteliai su blokavimu


The gate opens in one direction when the wing is pushed and then re-tracks back automatically and closes the entrance. The gate is equipped with a locker tha t blocks the wing in an open position. The gate should be mounted and the re-tracking speed regulated accordance to the user...

Elektroniniai praėjimo varteliai


Electronic entry gates- with photocell- card reader- button- motion sensor The electronic gate is used in modern access systems. Operated by photocell, microwave sensor or manually using the button. Can interact with electronic identification devices, such as a card scanner, connection to the computer network of the object. The gate is equipped with...

Mechaniniai praėjimo varteliai


Swing gates are very important part of entrance control systems. Pushing the wing opens the gates in one direction. The wing then automatically re-tracks and closes the entrance. The gate should be mounted and the re-tracking speed regulated in accordance with the instruction. The equipment is intended to be used...

Praėjimo varteliai su antipanikos sistema


Rotating gate constitutes a very important element of the whole system for directing the customer in commercial organizations, etc. It allows for organized traffic of people in a given direction and eliminates collision. Rotating gate is equipped with “antipanic” system, which opens the entrance completely under the pressure of people...