Apart Matrix System AUDIOCONTROL12.8


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AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is a DSP powered audio matrix for small and medium sized audio applications, featuring advanced control of audio processing and routing with control of other (non-audio) devices which is unique on the market. The...

AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is a DSP powered audio matrix for small and medium sized audio applications, featuring advanced control of audio processing and routing with control of other (non-audio) devices which is unique on the market. The audio matrix system has 12 inputs, 8 line outputs and a digital stereo SPDIF input and output. There are 3 serial ports (one on the front and two on the rear of the unit) to configure the unit and to control external devices. The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 uses a fixed architecture DSP platform meaning that the audio path has the same fixed flow for all inputs and outputs.
The integrated real time task scheduler can perform a variety of tasks that means the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is suitable for many projects. Up to 120 addressable/programmable paging microphones/extenders can be connected, each with their own functionality and individual presets and up to 8 priority levels.
Audio inputs & outputs
The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 has 12 analogue inputs where 6 of them are on balanced euroblock and 6 on RCA. All inputs are configurable to be mono or stereo. Input 12 can either be used as a normal source input or as a paging microphone input via the RJ45 connector. You can easily adjust the gain, EQ and dynamics on the input via the pc based Graphical Installer Interface. The 8 line RCA outputs can be configured via the GII to be mono, stereo, 2.1, mono crossover or stereo crossover.
Control & Paging
Via the RJ45 connector you can connect up to 120 paging stations. DIMIC12 is a fully programmable control and paging station for the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 where each button can be programmed individually. DIMIC12 allows you to page zones individually or page a group of zones but also allows macro recalls or control of some audio functions like source selection, zone muting or volume up/down. An expansion panel, DIMIC12S, provides you with 12 extra programmable buttons (a maximum of 7 DIMIC12S paging stations can be connected to one DIMIC1 or DIMIC12).A maximum of 8 DIWAC’s (Digital Wall Controller) can be connected via a 2 wire cable. The DIWAC can control audio and control functions and is very easy to program via the GII. Use the select UP/DOWN buttons to select functions and the +/- buttons to enable or disable functions or to bring the volume up or down. The serial control port allows control via any touch panel control systems or when adding a NETKIT-RS, a very cost effective touch panel control with a tablet or smart phone is possible.
Out of the box configuration
The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 functions straight from the box without connecting a laptop or the need of programming. When you start with the out of the box configuration you will have 5 stereo line inputs and 4 stereo output zones. Optionally you can connect a DIMIC1 for all call or a DIMIC12 to do selective paging to 4 zones. If you need local control of source select and volume, you can connect up to 2 DIWAC wall controls per output zone.
Graphical Installer Interface
Via the GII (Graphical Installer Interface) you can do the entire configuration of the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 and the programming of the functions of the other devices you want to control. The set-up is so easy that every integrator is able to program it. The audio monitor allows you to listen to the audio, no matter where you are in the signal path. Once your settings have been done, you can make a printout so that the installer exactly knows where to connect which sound source, zone amplifier or wall control. The configuration can also be saved on your computer as back-up and you can copy it easily to other devices.
For advanced programming of the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 you need to have an Expert Level access code. The expert code can be supplied via your distributor. In Expert Level Mode, you have full access to the EQ settings and dynamics, you can program the functions of the paging station buttons and wall controls and you can program and recall macros. Once your configuration is made in Expert mode, your installations are protected and can only be altered by other people that have an Expert Level Access code. It even allows you to lock the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 so that only people from your organisation can make changes to the settings using your password.
Extendable to 16 or 24 outputs
Linking a second or even third AC12.8 (as slave) can extend your system setup up to 16 or 24 outputs. Please note that only paging facilities are linked between the master and slave units. The number of available inputs remains at 12.


19" (483 mm wide) rack mounting yes height- rack units (1U=44 mm) 1 U
depth (build in) 308 mm depth (incl front) 313 mm
power supply 115 - 230 VAC power consumption (max) 75 watts
zone outputs 8 configurable output level balanced (dB) 0
output level unbalanced (dB) 5 S/PDIF output yes
signal to noise level SNR (dB) >100 total harmonic distortion TBH (%) <0.005
crosstalk (dB) >95 music level control yes
MIC level control yes VCA level control yes
source selection per zone yes MIC inputs balanced 6
MIC inputs unbalanced 6 inputs with Phantom power 6
Phantom power voltage 24 volts noise gate on MIC Yes
selectable input dynamics yes selectable output dynamics yes
line input balanced 6 configurable line input unbalanced 6 configurable
S/PDIF input 1 stereo tone control yes
RS232 (serial communication port) yes wall panel controls yes
priority input contact no maximum qty paging Mics 120
chime yes emergency input yes
priority output contact yes priority levels configurable
frequency response (in Hz) 20 - 30 k applicable in 100V yes
applicable low impedance yes Net weight product (kg) 3.80